Health Nut's Ingredients Help You-

  • loadA healthy meal for a healthier you!
  • loadMade from Clean Ingredients
  • loadGet all the nutrition you need from a balanced meal
  • loadLow In Calories
  • loadReady in under a minute
  • loadComes in 4 delicious flavors
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  • loadClean Plant Protein Snacking
  • loadRich in natural fibre
  • loadFewer calories than your regular snacks
  • loadLow Glycemic Index
  • loadComes in 2 delicious flavours
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Only The Good Stuff

For Your Modern Lifestyle. Backed By Science.

Protein Rich
Fibre Rich
Vitamin & Mineral Rich
Low Calorie and GI
Clean Ingredients
Preservative & Sugar Free

What Your Peers Say

Shon Gadgil

(Lawyer & Football Freak, Mumbai)

“I'm a lawyer practicing at Bombay High Court. Because of my hectic schedule and the difficulty of sourcing veggies and meat, preparing them, putting in the right nutrition in my body is a challenge.... A friend suggested HealthNut to me and I gave it a try. I instantly got hooked to their Guilt Free Snacking Soya Splits and most importantly, the real game changer- Meal In One! I get all the nutrition my body needs in the simplest and tastiest way. The snack is addictive and the tastiest way to consume clean plant protein and fibre. Happy to say this is one heck of my go-to-brand after ages”

Why Health Nut?

To help you become a healthier version of yourself.

Transforming your life begins with great health. With this belief, Health Nut has been focused on understanding modern-day lifestyle challenges and making food that's convenient, tasty and super healthy - backed by science.