5 Healthy Snack Recipes for Weight Loss

5 Healthy Snack Recipes for Weight Loss

Let’s face it, none of us can resist the temptation of a plate of yummy snacks! It’s too bad that they are often delicious but bad for health. They make it hard to lose weight and stay fit. The good news is that snacks don’t HAVE to be unhealthy. It is possible to make tasty and healthy snacks for weight loss. Here are 5 of our favourite healthy snacks that you can eat guilt free.

Why it’s important to have healthy snacks

Snacks are an important part of our daily diet. They give you energy to stay active between meals. They satisfy cravings at odd times. And they also help you stay full, thus stopping you from overeating during meal times. In fact, nutritionists now recommend 2 to 3 snacks per day for staying fit and light.

Because snacking is important for our health, it is important to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy snacks. Unhealthy snacks are high in bad fats, simple carbohydrates and sugar. They also have little to no fibre, vitamins or minerals. They can make you feel heavy and lethargic.

Healthy snacks, on the other hand, curb your hunger and give you energy. They have helpful nutrients and are easy on your digestion. What’s more, there are many healthy snacks that are quite tasty.

5 easy snacks to make at home

One reason you might choose a processed store-bought snack is convenience. So, here’s a list of 5 weight loss evening snacks that you can make in a jiffy:

  • Strawberry Smoothie – Made up of fresh strawberries, Health Nut’s Meal In One – Smooth Berry Flavour, and water, this snack is quick and easy to make. Meal In One gives you all the nutrients you need in your snack, and strawberries give you a boost of vitamins and minerals. Just add a few ice cubes to enjoy a tasty, cool snack. For detailed recipe, Click here.
  • Chocolate Frappuccino – Now you can have this delicious beverage right at home. Just blend together milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, a cup of coffee, ice cubes and Health Nut’s Meal in One- Chocolate flavour to get a nutrient-packed glass of yumminess. For detailed recipe, Click here.
  • Vanilla Smoothie with Berries and Walnuts – For a quick snack full of nutrients, try this smoothie made with Health Nut’s Meal in One- Vanilla flavour. Just add oat milk, almond and water to the powder and top up with blackberries and walnuts. You will have a snack full of carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. For detailed recipe, Click here.
  • Banana- Coffee Smoothie – A great snack for those between-meal hunger pangs, this smoothie also contains a blast of nutrition. Made up of Health Nut’s Meal in One- Coffee Flavour, a banana, cinnamon powder, vanilla essence, and water, it is as easy to make as it is delicious. Garnish with crushed cashew for extra oomph. For detailed recipe, Click here.
  • Tofu-Soya Splits (Mint & Lime) mix – One of the best diet snacks for weight loss, this mouth-watering snack is made from Health Nut’s Soya Splits (Mint and Lime) mixed with chopped tomatoes, onions, tofu, black pepper powder, pink salt, lemon juice and coriander leaves. It will give you the taste of chaat with a lot of health benefits. For detailed recipe, Click here.
Everyone loves snacks, but they worry about calories and impact of unhealthy snacks on fitness. However, it is possible to make healthy and tasty snacks that aid in weight loss and staying fit. We have shared recipes of a few of these snacks with you. With snacks this healthy and tasty, you will never again have to say no to snacking or worry about your waistline.