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For the past two years, we have been laser-focused on understanding modern lifestyle challenges, deep-diving into nutrition science and making food you would love and trust.

We just happen to use health as a medium to do so. And food to begin with.

We all want to get transformed and make a difference- whether it’s physically, mentally or emotionally. If you are a millennial like us, you’d probably relate to this. Got to admit that transforming our lives begins with better health. Only when fit, active, energetic and healthy in general, can we emerge successful in other areas of life. However, why do we fail to reach our fitness goals, struggle with cravings or try out unsustainable diets, which we know we’ll sooner or later give up on? Or why aren’t there any “genuinely healthy” options out there in the market when it comes to food? Most products available in the market lack taste, health or convenience for a variety of reasons. Most brands claiming to be healthy aren’t really backed by solid, undeniable scientific facts.

Which is why we have been laser focused for the past 2 years on understanding your modern lifestyle challenges, deep diving into nutrition science and perfecting products that you would love and trust.

Our Promise

To pamper you with convenient and affordable nutrition (backed by science) best suited to your modern lifestyle, without having to compromise on taste, ever!

How It Began

The Trigger

As a 27-year-old professional working in MNC, living away from home with a sedentary lifestyle took a toll on my health. I had no time to prepare food for myself, which turned me towards eating junk food all day. One day I was told that my mother was diagnosed with severe diabetes. She had to make radical lifestyle changes, starting with a nutritious diet. She tried almost every possible diet to get her diabetes in control including those trending ones which compelled me to learn more about leading a healthy lifestyle.

These two instances got me curious about health and nutrition science. It also forced me to ask myself - Why can't a healthy lifestyle or diet be made effortless, fun, tasty and affordable for everyday people like you and me? If yes, can something be done about it?

The Conflict

I had no idea what nutritious food or diet was. But having decided to take it up, the first thing I did was something any millennial would - "Google it!".

I realised there's so much conflicting and convoluted information on the internet around what it takes to be fit that it'd leave anybody dazed and confused. This barrage of information again circled me back to the fundamental question- "What food is healthy food?"

What Next?

Around the same time, a common friend introduced me to one very reputed nutritionist with a proven track record of helping people across the spectrum of age & gender. Interacting with him helped me learn a lot about the basics of scientifically proven nutrition science and the underlying reasons why so many of us are unfit today. He introduced me to a factor called "Insulin Resistance", one of the significant evils lurking beneath all these issues, including but not limited to weight gain, hypertension, diabetes, PCOS, and hypothyroidism, among other metabolic disorders.

The Resolution

Having spent time with the reputed nutritionist, I could see what the ‘eat healthy’ market was all about. I started analysing the root cause to solve the fundamental problem. I worked relentlessly with dieticians, food technologists, and formulators; after much trial and error based on the feedback to create products that were rich in nutrition and easy to consume. And with extensive efforts, we could finally bring you products that are convenient, tasty and super healthy.

A New Beginning

At Health Nut, We promise that every product of Health Nut you pick off a shelf is healthy for you in more ways than you can imagine. We envision ourselves contributing significantly to reducing modern lifestyle disorders and helping you as a friend to become the best version of yourself. Happy to have you with us early in the journey.

Our Core Team

Siddhanth Murdeshwar
Founder & CEO, Health Nut
Viral Vyas
Manan Vyas
Teena Thomas
Teena ThomasProduct Manager & Food Technologist
Saima Shaikh
Senior Nutrition Adviser